Canada's Own “Little Soles™” Steps Into the Celebrity Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club Gift Basket

Hand-picked by glamour guru Janyneoni Moore, Little Soles™, based out of Calgary, Canada has been invited to include their quality designer children’s shoes in this spring’s Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club Gift Basket on April 2, 2008. The Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club is an exclusive, upscale celebrity baby gifting experience for celebrity tots.

Jayneoni Moore, a regular on MTV, VH1’s The fabulous Life of Celebrity Kids, Entertainment tonight, The Insider, MSNBC Hot List and CMM, is well known as the kiddie-swag specialist for Hollywood Celebrities. She has become known as the Fairy Godmother to many of the famous tots in Tinsel town.

“I am ecstatic that Little Soles™ will be part of this spring’s elite gift basket line up. It is quite an honour to be chosen out of the crowd”, says Jessica Jacobs, Owner and Designer of Little Soles™. “Our shoes are uninhibited by tradition and inspired by fashionable expression. I tried to select just the right shoe for each recipient. We wanted to give them quality styled footwear to brag about and I believe we delivered.”

Shoes were chosen from Little Soles™ four footwear lines including their all-new Urban Infants collection just released this spring.

Some of the Hollywood Moms and Dads who will receive a pair of Little Soles™ from Hollywood’s “Fairy Godmother” include: Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Matthew McConaughey, Christina Alguilera, Salma Hayek, Nicole Ritchie, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, Ali Landry, Melissa Joan Hart, Courtney Cox, and Nancy Grace.

Dedicated to quality and fashion, Little Soles™ only uses exceptionally soft leather in and out for their Infants collections to provide the ultimate in comfort and breathability. Quality and value are hallmarks of what Little Soles ™ footwear is known for. The unique flexible outsole affords superior durability, traction and surface feel; all of which are most important when choosing the right footwear for your Little One. All fashion detail is sewn on, nothing is silk screened so that the designs last as long as the shoes do.

About Little Soles

Little Soles Inc. was founded by Calgary Mompreneur and designer Jessica Jacobs in 2005. Jessica’s vision for Little Soles™ footwear is to be able to provide affordable, fashion forward footwear for any parent seeking unique alternatives to mainstream fashion. Little Soles™ can be found at fine retailers across Canada and has just expanded into stores within the United States. Little Soles™ footwear is available in infant sizes 3-8 and Children’s sizes 9-12.5

For more information please contact Chantal Lewis, C Communications at tel: 519-821-9995 or email [email protected]

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