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Little Soles Inc. proudly introduces Baby SolesTM, our new Crib Shoe Collection for sizes 0-2 US.
This Collection has gone through rigorous testing procedures by an independent, internationally accredited company, to ensure that they are free of harmful dyes and toxins.

Baby SolesTM are also equipped with TPR inserts at the toe and heel beds for traction and durability.
The specialized outsole design provides the added benefit of optimum surface feel for when Baby starts to cruise! Overall unique styling presents a true Footwear appearance instead of a standard slipper form. We source premium quality leather specifically to meet and exceed the safety standards for footwear set by Health Canada.

To this end, we are now conducting the same tests on all future lines of Little SolesTM Footwear. In total there are four levels of testing conducted prior to the manufacture of Little SolesTM Footwear:

  • European Council directive 2002/62/EC testing for AZO Colourants or Dyes
  • All leathers along with the outsole are tested for the following:
    • Formaldéhyde content
    • PFOS (Perfluorooctane Sulfonates)
  • 7 Toxic elements (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Antimony, Selenium & Barium)
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