fresh urban footwear
safer than ever
Our shoes are proudly designed in Canada …production occurs overseas and We are deeply involved in that process. We visit our production team a minimum of twice a year. LSI™ is socially responsible & environmentally aware, truly striving to create footwear that ’treads-lighter.’ Our collections, have undergone rigorous testing procedures to ensure that they are toxin-free. By dedicating ourselves to this new paradigm, we are harvesting an extraordinary product that is surpassing the standards in footwear safety set by Health Canada. Little Soles™ are now safer than ever for your Little Ones, and less harmful to the Earth, on which we all tread.
Morally as a company we have chosen to follow our own values

As Parents, it is important that we are all aware of what we expose our children

to, as well as what we bring into our home. As an Infants Footwear Company
we are conscious that our products make direct skin contact. With this in mind,

our focus has become those known toxins that can be commonly found in footwear;
contributing to Peace of Mind when it comes to that occasional foot in the mouth”
-Jessica Jacobs

free of toxins
Little Soles™ conducts four levels of testing pre-production for all Urban Class Footwear
European Council directive 2002/62/EC testing for AZO Colourants or Dyes
All leathers along with the outsole are tested for the following:
Formaldehyde content
7 Toxic elements (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Antimony, Selenium & Barium)
full of soul
Delivering on our promise…Within our first 4 years, Little Soles™ Urban Class Footwear continues to be profiled in media across North America; and generating buzz in Hollywood.
Most recently Little Soles™ were awarded “Outstanding Products-2009” from *iParenting Media
A part of the Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio.
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